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The DTC MAGIC-PRO double-wall drawer system integrates fashion and elegance, plus its advantages of maximum storage, smooth and quiet, etc. So it is widely used in high-end kitchen, bedroom, bathroom space.

A Perfect Mix of Fashion and Elegance

The drawer side panel, which is only 13mm thick, has a linear appearance design that meets the modern and simple style. Five drawer heights without rails:62.5mm,88mm,126mm,172mm,238mm.

Much More Storage Space

MAGIC-PRO can be extended by the height of the side panel, which has a more beautiful visual effect and maximizes the storage space.

Easy Assembly And Removal

Up & down, left & right and tilt adjustments. More efficient and convenient assembly and removal. Strong bearing capacity with a dynamic load of 40 / 60kg

Various Material Options

Inner drawer front and drawer side - possible to have various material (glass,wood,stone) as design options.


MAGIC-PRO double-wall drawer system

  • MAGIC-PRO double-wall drawer system

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